Self-consistent gyrokinetic modeling of neoclassical and turbulent impurity transport

Abstract Trace impurity transport is studied with the flux-driven gyrokinetic GYSELA code [V. Grandgirard et al., emphComp. Phys. Commun. bf 207, 35 (2016)]. A reduced and linearized multi-species collision operator has been recently implemented, so …

The EXB staircase of magnetised plasmas

We show that a class of near-marginal and low-collisional magnetised plasmas naturally evolve into a globally organised state dubbed the ‘ ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/0029-5515/57/6/066026/nfaa6873ieqn003.gif] $퐄times 퐁$ staircase’. A key …

A 5D gyrokinetic full-f global semi-lagrangian code for flux-driven ion turbulence simulations

Gyrokinetic investigation of the linear GAM dynamics

Intercode comparison of gyrokinetic global electromagnetic modes

A multi-species collisional operator for full-F gyrokinetics

Comprehensive comparisons of GAM characteristics and dynamics between Tore Supra experiments and gyrokinetic simulations

Finding the Elusive ExB Staircase in Magnetised Plasmas

Gyroaverage operator for a polar mesh

Shear flow instabilities induced by trapped ion modes in collisionless temperature gradient turbulence