Linear collisionless dynamics of the GAM with kinetic electrons: Comparison simulations/theory

Turbulent generation of poloidal asymmetries of the electric potential in a tokamak

Poloidal asymmetries of the E × B plasma flow are known to play a role in neoclassical transport. One obvious reason is that an asymmetrical potential can produce a flux across the magnetic field. Also the associated distribution function may …

A multi-species collisional operator for full-F global gyrokinetics codes : Numerical aspects and validation with the GYSELA code

Particle transport due to energetic-particle-driven geodesic acoustic modes

Synergy of turbulent and neoclassical transport through poloidal convective cells

Optimization of Fusion Kernels on Accelerators with Indirect or Strided Memory Access Patterns

Benchmarking of flux-driven full-F gyrokinetic simulations

Cross-code gyrokinetic verification and benchmark on the linear collisionless dynamics of the geodesic acoustic mode

Evidence for Global Edge-Core Interplay in Fusion Plasmas

Impact of poloidal convective cells on momentum flux in tokamaks

Radial fluxes of parallel momentum due to ##IMG## [http://ej.iop.org/images/1367-2630/19/1/015011/njpaa5772ieqn1.gif] $Etimes B$ and magnetic drifts are shown to be correlated in tokamak plasmas. This correlation comes from the onset of poloidal …