Large scale dynamics in flux driven gyrokinetic turbulence


The turbulent transport governed by the toroidal ion temperature gradient driven instability is analysed with the full- f global gyrokinetic code GYSELA (Grandgirard et al 2007 Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion [/0741-3335/49/12b/s16] 49 B173 ) when the system is driven by a prescribed heat source. Weak, yet finite, collisionality governs a neoclassical ion heat flux that can compete with the turbulent driven transport. In turn, the ratio of turbulent to neoclassical transport increases with the source magnitude, resulting in the degradation of confinement with additional power. The turbulent flux exhibits avalanche-like events, characterized by intermittent outbursts which propagate ballistically roughly at the diamagnetic velocity. Locally, the temperature gradient can drop well below the linear stability threshold. Large outbursts are found to correlate with streamer-like structures of the convection cells albeit their Fourier spectrum departs significantly from that of the most unstable linear modes. Last, the poloidal rotation of turbulent eddies is essentially governed by the radial electric field at moderate density gradient.

Nuclear Fusion